Tuesday, July 26, 2016

That Time Nate Used a Planer

When we were in Vermont recently, Nate (a Vermont native) decided to figure out how to plane some boards to make a floor for the cabin (which he built a couple summers ago, but that's a story for another time).

Lizzie and Grace - the cousins -  came over to help out.

(Woodworking Rule #1: Keep the goggles on. Protect thyself from the flying wood pulp. Even when sitting on the porch, drinking beer from a mason jar, like a real backwoodser.)

I know nothing about planing*, floor boards, or constructing. But it turns out you want your planer** to be on something big, sturdy, and flat. And since Nate didn't have that, he made it.

*Planing: running boards through a machine to make them smooth and even. 
**Planer: the thing that does that.

(Woodworking Rule #2: When you don't got it, make it.)

Fasten some wood to some plastic legs and screw some more wood on top, and voila! You have yourself a planer mount. Can you do hashtags on blogs? #resourceful #woodwhisperer
No? Alright, we'll save the hashtags for twitter and move on. 

Is all the green making you dizzy?
That's Vermont summer. (Nate's friend once said that he needed to get back home to the Southwest asap because there was just too much green!)

I'll leave you with this treat from the 90s. 

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