Friday, July 15, 2016

Fourth of July (Part II)

My not-quite-patriotic outfit

On Sunday, my friends and I went to a cute vegan place for brunch and had pancakes! They both ordered savory dishes, which doesn't quite make sense to me. It's the weekend! That means waffles! That means pancakes! That means sweets for breakfast.

I topped the pancakes with some green juice (sugar + green balances each other out for a healthy lunch, right?).


After, we went to the Manus x Machina exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which showcased dozens of dresses made either by hand or machine (like 3D printed dresses, who knew!). I like to keep my museum-viewing to about an hour, so this was perfect. And some of the dresses were so neat!

This one was by far my favorite. If I had the moolah, I would buy it off the stand and wear it out of the Met! 

Doesn't it just remind you of some fairy winter wonderland?

Afterwards, we celebrated our accomplishment of spending a whole hour at the museum by going to the Met roof! If you get a chance to go, don't miss this part. The view is spectacular and well-worth the however many dollars you donated below the suggested $25 dollar donation at the entry. (Sidenote: DC's museums are free. 'Nuff said.)

We then spent some time at the Carlyle Hotel bar (the drinks ain't cheap, so go split them with a friend), but the piano-playing, free snacks, and wall paintings were amazing. Apparently, Ludwig Bemelmans, the guy who wrote and illustrated the children's book Madeleine, did all the paintings here in exchange for a free room whenever he wanted one (for a year and half, according to wiki). The dim lighting, the whimsical paintings, and the live music made me feel like I was living in another century, when women put on their hats and evening gowns and went to piano bars as an evening treat. Oh, the nostalgia for a time I never knew...

Bunnies making a snow-rabbit!

(I also saw other folks, but forgot to take pictures, so they're not pictured!)

I finished the long weekend with seeing my good friend from college, Bernie. 

We chatted away about anything and everything -- how much life has changed since we met 9 years ago. I went home and thought what wonderful things life has in store for me as fireworks went off in the distance. 

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