Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Fourth of July (Part I)

YH, Alicia, and me

I spent July 4th weekend with my friends in New York. So much fun! (Also, so much money! NYC, you are one expensive host.)

My friend, YH, has a really cute cat named Bucky. When we were in law school, some law student found Bucky abandoned during a storm on his porch and took her in. Long story short, he ended up not wanting the cat, and YH adopted her. (I think it was love at first sight, if you believe in that sort of thing.)

Bucky isn't the type of cat that loves to be pet or picked up (like the cats I'm used to), but she did sneak into my bag! I remember when my cats, both of whom have passed away, would jump into any type of container that was open -- suitcase, tub, box. Black Kitty used to sit in my suitcases every time I packed for college. (We called our two cats Black Kitty and White Kitty because of their dark and light colorings. Super original, I know, but it was cute.)

Amazing view of the Manhattan skyline from YH's apartment.

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