Friday, October 23, 2015

Maybeversary (or A Love Letter to my Babe)

Dear Nate,

Happy maybeversary! Since we don't celebrate much, not that we even have a specific anniversary date to celebrate, I thought this October evening probably fell somewhere in the hazy summer/fall span of when we started holding hands and smooching 7 years ago. 7 years! Crazy.

Here's the deal. I hate that you've been gone for 4 days. It's the worst. I'm trying to do all the dishes that have piled up since you left, since, you know, I'm not a functioning adult without you. But get excited, because you're coming home to a lot fewer dishes. At least 5.

Anyway. I'd like to say that I love you more than anything, but that phrase has never made much sense to me. Like I love you more than chocolate? Or fall leaves? I don't know, that's a hard one. But really, though, you're great.

Then end.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Seattle (Part 1)

I was watching a video of a couple YouTubers answering fan questions, and one of the questions was "What's your favorite place that you visited this year?"

I thought about where I've been this year and couldn't come up with much. Usually, I travel quite a bit -- I don't purposefully try to travel, but I get restless sitting in one place for too long. Blame it on the immigrant background (and the free trips you can't pass up, all hail mother Yale and its infinite endowment). The year when Nate and I lived in New Jersey, I went to Jamaica, Haiti, Mexico, and Cuba, and within the United States we traveled across the country and spent a lot of time exploring New Jersey -- especially my most favorite trip of ours -- Cape May! (that magical story is for another day) Since then, I've traveled to Brazil, Canada, and Ukraine. But thinking back on 2015, I couldn't remember any trips. And then it hit me -- Seattle! I'd spent the whole summer in Seattle! Not as much a trip as a temporary move, but still counts.

Now, I don't know if I can radiate through the screen how much I love Seattle. It's an amazing, fantastic place. Seattle (in the summer, at least) is hands down my favorite city in the U.S. I fell in love with Washington, D.C. last summer, but Seattle went above and beyond.

It was April. I was about to finish law school, and Nate had an internship lined in Seattle. I thought, why should I stay in Connecticut when I can go live with my cutie pie? We've been living apart for three years now, and I could take the bar anywhere anyway (thanks, D.C. for your liberal waive-in policies). So it was decided. Off I went to study for the Washington State bar in the city of a thousand lakes.

And when I tell you that I only feel warm and fuzzies when I think about Seattle, DESPITE the fact that I spent the most miserable two months of my life there trying to convince the state that I could read, rite, and rithmetic good enough to practice law, you have to at least consider that maybe, just maybe, the city is phenomenal.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Silence During a Tragedy

When a tragedy strikes a nation, one cannot remain silent. This is what I learned over the past couple years by watching my Facebook feed go up in frenzy time and time again, trying to understand and let the conversation transform me, and reflecting on my own silence.

Two days ago, a young, white supremacist entered a church in Charleston and shot 9 black people who were praying. The tragedy quickly filled the front pages of the news, and I watched my friends on Facebook post articles about whether this should be labeled a terrorist attack, about why the Confederate flag was not lowered at the statehouse, about how we only speak about mental illness if the shooter is white, about how it's far better to have Rachel Dolezal ignite our conversation about race rather than dead bodies, and about the enormous violence inflicted on the black community over and over and over. 

Throughout all this, I remained silent. I didn't know what to say. I didn't know what to add to the conversation, so I just listened and thought. Until a friend shared a link to a post that asked the allies to speak up and do something, and I decided to be silent no more. Because I did not want the absence of my words to be misunderstood as indifference. One cannot stay silent when a tragedy strikes a nation. We have to speak up -- even if we don't know what to say, at the very least we can acknowledge the injustice and express our pain, our grief. So that's what I'm doing today. I'm sorry I've been silent.

In solidarity, in justice, in love,


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Happy 2015!

In keeping with my newly formed tradition of blogging once every 365 days, I'm here to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

May this new year of the sheep (goat? ram?) bring you incredible happiness and the willpower to stick to at least 10% of your New Years Resolutions!