Sunday, April 27, 2014

I Hate Being Sick.

I really, really, really hate being sick. Really. Hate it. 

I know nobody likes being sick, but I think some people don't mind it so much. Not me. No wonder Nate told me that he has so many "I hate being sick" messages from me.  

First, I never have time to be sick. It's a bit funny to think that out of the 365 days a year I cannot find one convenient day to be sick, but it's true. I'm either in school, working, or on break. And seriously, who wants to be sick on break?? Right now, I'm in exam studying period, so I definitely don't have time to be sick. 

Second, being sick is boring. Have you ever noticed that? I can't do much, so I lie in bed all day. If I try to watch TV, I get a headache. So I just have to lie there, staring out of the window, the whole day. Fortunately, browsing the interwebs requires little concentration and doesn't give me much of a headache, so that's what I've been doing all day. Today, I changed my cell phone plan, browsed etsy for fun kitchen canisters, and bought a couple things on Amazon. Way to be productive, me! (You know what's productive? Studying for exams. OK, enough of that.)

Now, the fact that I hate being sick means I try my hardest to only be sick two days max. I try to sleep about 32500 hours a night, and I never stop drinking water and grapefruit juice. A college friend who was pre-med once told me that if you're not peeing once an hour, you're not doing it right, so I've been using up toilet paper on sick days ever since. And this method always works! 

Tomorrow is day 3. I better be back in action.