Friday, October 11, 2013

Heaven on Earth

Have you ever been somewhere that feels like heaven? Maybe a nice beach resort or Disneyland or something? Well, today, I found a fantastic COOP that, for me, was pretty much heaven on earth.

Now, don't think that I'm a total hippie, burning incense and making soap out of goat milk. Nothing wrong with that if you do, but many different types of people shop at coops. I just REALLY value good, organic, pesticide-free food. If my body is going to (hopefully) perform well for the next 50 years, I want to fuel it with good stuff. While supporting smaller businesses gives me a warm fuzzy feeling, I pretty much just want a place that sells lots of organic fruits and veggies and has a ton of food that I can buy in bulk (like grains and spices and tea). All of the coops I've been to so far (maybe 4-5) fail in some respect--most of the veggies aren't organic or come shrink wrapped in plastic (why?), they don't have a large bulk section, they don't carry the brands I like, etc. But this place was different. It had everything. 
E V E R Y T H I N G.
Like  at least 5 bulk sections.

1/5 bulk sections
Self-serve olive oil, vinegar, vanilla extract, peanut butter (have you ever used one of those machines that grinds peanuts right there for you? I swear it's the best peanut butter you'll ever have), tea, grains, spices, and all the nuts ever.
I want to live in that store.
Best chocolate ice cream (delivered from a local ice cream shop). Apple cider from a local orchard. Produce from nearby farmers.
I also probably spent at least 20 minutes in the soaps and creams section, smelling perfumes and rubbing lotions on my hands.
Heaven on earth.
I might just move here after graduation.

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